5 recipes to celebrate Republic Day

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Tricolour Macaroons

Macaroons are a little, sweet treat that resembles a biscuit or cookie that you can enjoy with a cup of tea. Here is a recipe that is created especially for Republic Day.

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Tricolour Cupcake

Tricolour Cupcake is a Cupcake in three colours that resemble the Indian flag. As everyone is aware, the three colours of our national flag are saffron, white, and green.

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Tiranga Sandwich

Tiranga sandwich is a patriotic lunch idea with 3 layers of filling. Make a green layer with Coriander chutney, white with mayonnaise and orange with Tomato chutney.

Tri Colour Rice

Tiranga rice is a grand presentation of our country's flag. It's made with Indian style flavours like carrots, bell peppers & crushed paneer.

Hakka Noodles Recipe

Tasty Hakka Noodles is an Indo-Chinese cuisine and a popular Chinese dish. Hakka Noodles is a mixture of boiled noodles, Chinese sauces, chicken boneless and veggies.

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