Exploring  Healthy  Recipes in  India 

Sarson Da Saag with Makki Ki Roti 

Embrace Punjabi flavors with Sarson Da Saag, a nutritious mustard greens dish, paired with Makki Ki Roti, a gluten-free cornmeal flatbread. 

Methi Thepla with Yogurt 

 Pair Methi Thepla  with yogurt for a wholesome meal that not only warms you up but also provides essential nutrients. 


Combine the sweetness of winter's favorite vegetable, sweet potato, with the protein punch of lentils in a hearty soup. 

Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup 


This nutrient-rich dish combines the goodness of spinach with the earthy flavors of mushrooms for a healthy meal. 

Palak and Mushroom Curry

Brush Stroke

Gond Ke Ladoo 

These sweet treats are believed to provide warmth and energy during the colder months.


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