Best Dinner Recipes of All Time (Part-1)

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Tater Tots Casserole

Popular amongst Minnesotans, Tater Tots casserole with six-ingredients makes it popular across country.


Easy Pad Thai

An easy to cook 30 minutes recipe is a great weeknight dinner option that won't burn a hole in your pocket.



Stuffed with meat, onions, chiles, and fried, Chimichangas comes with a variety of recipes to pick from.


Easy Crockpot Pot Roast

With extremely tender meat to leave your mouth full of water, this pot roast comes filled with flavors.


Cowboy Stew

It is the quickest recipe to serve. With just 5 ingredients like spicy sausage and jalapenos pickle or chipotle pepper to add spicy flavor and with corn/beans, it can be served in less than 15 mins.


Easy Alfredo

Alfredo sauce is a quick to make recipe that is creamy, cheesy and full of flavor and can be made quicker than the pasta.


Cube Steak and Gravy

This slow cooked beef along with mashed potatoes or noodles is one of the best meal to serve to your family after a busy day.


Easy Chicken Tenders

Tender chicken is the best choice especially if you are a picky eater. This comfort food is ideal for dinner or as dipping.


Easy Stir-Fry

It is an easy and quickly prepared recipe once you get the hang of the basic, you can add variations to it making it an ideal weeknight dinner menu.


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