Jamie's Crispy Fish and Chip

– Level: Easy – Total: 23 min – Prep: 15 min – Cook: 8 min – Yield: 4 serving


– Calories55528% – Fat14.7g21% – Saturates2.4g12% – Sugars9.1g10% – Salt1.1g18% – Protein39.1g78% – Carbs69.5g27% – Fibre10.2g-



For the chips

-3 3/4 pints (2 liters) vegetable oil -2 pounds (950 grams) floury potatoes, like russets, peeled and cut into large chip

For the batter


1 cup plain flour 1 cup beer 2 egg whites, whipped to soft peak Salt 4 (9 ounce/250 gram) fillets haddock or cod, skin on, and pin boned



 Pour all the vegetable oil into a deep pan or deep fat fryer, and heat to 300 degrees F (160 degrees C.) Blanch the cut potatoes in the oil until soft, but not colored, about 4 minutes. Remove and drain.


Mix together the flour and the beer, then fold in the egg whites. Turn up the heat of the oil to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). Dip the fish in the batter and fry for a few minutes with the chips until golden brown.


 Drain on kitchen paper  and serve with bread and butter, wally's (battered,  deep fried pickles served  with ranch dressing), and pickled eggs.


– Feel free to add an extra  flavour to your wedges as they  roast, such as a herb or spice.  My River just loves smoked paprika  at the moment. – If you don’t want to use bacon in the crumb, swap it out for anchovy, sun-dried tomato, or a herb. – You can mix things up on the veg front. I like to add frozen edamame  and broad beans to the peas before smashing them, or roughly chopped fresh asparagus or green beans  would work a treat, too.

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