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Janmashtami Food: 5 Traditional Dishes to Offer Lord Krishna

#1. Panjiri 

Panjiri is considered as the most important prasad of this festival. It is prepared with desi ghee, almonds, sugar, cashew etc

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#2. Sabudana Khichdi 

This is very light dish and it is made with green chillies, soaked sabudana, sendha namak, peanuts ghee and tomato.

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#3. Mohanthal Recipe

Mohanthal Recipe is a traditional and authentic besan flour-based dessert recipe recognized for its creaminess and richness.

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 This offering is considered to be the favorite of Lord Krishna. It is prepared with fresh maakhan/butter, sugar or misri and this simple dish can be easily prepared at home. 


 It is basically used to bathe Lord Krishna at midnight celebrations and this this milk mixture is made of fresh milk, ghee, curd, tulsi leaves, jiggery/sugar and makhana.

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