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How To Make Paneer (Fail proof recipe)

 This easy homemade paneer recipe creates the softest, most tender paneer cheese from scratch – with no preservatives or special additives needed. It can be used for almost all types of curries, deep-fried snacks, and even for most milk desserts and Indian sweets. Paneer is a fresh cheese that is very common in Indian cuisine. […]

Indian Recipe, Lunch/dinner

Paneer pasanda (Restaurant style)

Paneer Pasanda Recipe is a popular dish that is made in creamy cashew nut gravy. It’s a mildly flavored curry that is perfect for a weeknight dinner. Paneer pasanda has smooth, creamy, and mildly spicy gravy compared with other paneer sabzi preparations. It is made creamier using cashews, fresh cream, brown onion paste, etc and it […]

Paneer roll
Street Food

Paneer Roll Recipe (Paneer Kathi Roll)

This Paneer Kathi Roll or Paneer Frankie is a delicious vegetarian Indian street food wrap. kathi roll or Frankie recipes have always been quick and easy street food recipes across India. In this paneer roll recipe, the stuffing is a lip-smacking paneer tikka made on skillet, a vibrant green chutney and a crunchy mixed veggie […]